Update on Missing Information

  • Retail prices on the 6 standard controllers (Indigo, Jet Black, Spice Orange, Indigo/Clear, Platinum and Emerald Blue) in South Korea and their precise release dates (December 14th 2002).
  • Precise release date of the Mario controller from VIP 24:7 in Europe (2005).
  • Original price (Stars) for the Grey WaveBird from VIP 24:7 in Europe.
  • Precise release dates of the Wario controller and Club Nintendo WaveBird through Club Nintendo (October of 2005).

I found the release dates for the GameCube in Taiwan (November 21st 2002) and Hong Kong (2002?), but I have no clue what exactly was released over there, and so I don’t know what to do with this information.

  • I’ll have more info on the Brazilian GameCube controllers when I get them.

Sources for the Asian release dates:

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