My Last Project, Documenting the Internals

Things have been slow here, I’ve been doing other things and well, I’ve found and documented most of the things that can be found and documented. However, I’ve been procrastinating on quite a big project for a few months. This is a work in progress, and once it’s done I will upgrade the internals guide in the guides section. I haven’t done the WaveBirds yet, but here’s an overview.

I opened every single controller I own, here’s the result:

Alright, let’s break this down. On every board, there is a product number on the top left, near the stick box, as seen on the cover picture above. Those numbers are specific to a set of internals, this means we can document all the variations quite easily. There seems to be eight internals variants:

  • 23-0899 (T1)
  • 23-0899C (T1)
  • 23-0899D (T1)
  • 23-0899E (T2)
  • 23-1167A (T2)
  • CFS8280-500010-01 (T3)
  • CFS8280-500010-02 (T3)
  • CFS8280-500020-00 E4 (T3)

Here I might be missing 23-0899B, which would push the total count to nine. I’ll have to hunt for it.

The small C-stick and trigger boards also have a product number, I thought it would be fun to list them too:


  • 23-0900
  • 23-0900B
  • CFS8280-510010-01
  • CFS8280-510020-00


  • 23-0901
  • CFS8280-520010-00
  • CFS8280-520020-00

Of course, there is much more to it, as you can see on my sheet. Very small differences to document between the same variations and stuff… I don’t want to go too much in depth, but if it’s notable I guess it’s worth writing it down. There’s also the WaveBirds to do, I’ll update with a few blog posts as my project go forward.

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