The Panda Controller, Taking the Spotlight

[UPDATE] Unfortunately, the Kickstarter has been cancelled, and the production of the Panda controller has been postponed due to production issues. Keep an eye out for its return!

For those who have been out of the loop, the Panda Global esports team, through their PGhardware division, recently launched a Kickstarter for their Panda controller, which claims it to be a revision of the original GameCube controller with its main market being the competitive Smash Bros. scene. As of writing this, it surpassed its original $100k goal to over $900k, and we might reach one million pretty soon.

The controller was first announced on June 24th 2020, through a tweet hinting to be available to pre-order for the holiday season of the same year. However, due to Covid-related delays, the Kickstarter was postponed to 2021. And so here we are, finally, available for pre-order on their Kickstarter on December 1st 2021, for a $90usd base price.

The Panda controller boasts to have an updated version of the high quality T3 stickbox, along with an extra Z button, two extra buttons on the back, snapback dampening, easy maintenance and modification and so much more. A Switch Pro controller-shaped shell is also available as an upgrade, and many more upgrades will be available in the future. The PGhardware team states that they want to support the custom controller scene that grew around the original GameCube controller, so we’re likely to see a lot of new things.

This controller both works as an original GameCube controller and as a Switch Pro controller. The addition of a wireless expansion pack / an interchangeable usb cable and a gyroscope will allow the owner to use this controller for other games too.

The controller should be shipped around December 2022, hopefully just in time for the holidays. Will it be as good as they claim it to be? I sure hope so.

The Kickstarter is still being updated with new stretch goals, so I will most likely do a followup as the hype settles down. For now, I’ll let their promotional stuff do the talk, and I invite you the visit their Kickstarter for more information!

Panda Controller Kickstarter:
Panda Controller original announcement:

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