Devkit Controller Ver.A

  • Manufacturing date around 1999-2000
  • Rarity: A few hundreds made
  • Two variants are known to exist.
  • Pictures courtesy of ConsoleVariations.
  • RJ-11 plug
  • 1/2 Speed and 3/4 Speed


Strange prototypes with a unique layout. Features a red “menu” button in the place of the D-pad and no start button. Very large main stick, blue A button and green bean-shaped B button. The handles are very thin and long, and the Z-button is a simple purple switch on the top right. The “Speed” refers to the hardware it was used on; early development hardware ran on 1/2 Speed but was quickly upgraded to 3/4 Speed.


  • There are two color variants, one Grey/Clear and one Indigo/Clear. It is unknown if there are any differences apart from the shell color.
  • The Ver.A controller was shown to the public by ATI at Comdex Fall 2000. An Indigo/Clear variant was on display. (Source)
  • The sticker on the back of the controller reads “Ver.A R&D3”. The acronym stands for Nintendo Research & Development No. 3 Department.
  • The serial number is usually in the low 100’s.
  • Those controllers were first used with 1/2 Speed DDHs (Dolphin Development Hardware), but those kits were quickly recalled by Nintendo and upgraded to 3/4 Speed, which makes 1/2 DDHs extremely rare.

ATI’s GameCube display at Comdex Fall 2000.
Sticker on the back of a Grey/Clear Ver.A. Picture courtesy of Xe on ObscureGamers.
Example of an early 1/2 speed DDH that was upgraded to 3/4 speed. Notice the RJ-11 connectors.