My collection back in May 2020, now sold.

Big shoutouts to HamarFan for his original article.
Thanks to the CGCC community for supporting me with my project.

  • Exalchion for the cover pictures and for helping me with research.
  • Shairn for helping me with research/translation.
  • Developer Jeff for his vast knowledge on prototype hardware.
  • ConsoleVariations for their support and impressive library.
  • Peaceful Games for providing the pictures for the Korean boxes.
  • The Wayback Machine for all the information that would’ve been lost.
  • Kadano for early documentation, and for all his modding work.
  • Shank and Madmorda for the help with documenting the WaveBird.
  • Kyle, Matheus Lacerda, Frost, Mew Contra and the BR gang for the Gradiente variants.