Dolphin Controller Test 01

  • Manufacturing date around 1999
  • Rarity: Unique
  • Prototype #0001
  • Test printed circuit board (PCB) with detachable RJ-11 plug.
  • 1/2 Speed


The first controller hardware prototype made for the Dolphin project. It features two analog sticks, two analog sliders, ten digital switches and one on/off switch. It has a detachable RJ-11 plug. The 1/2 Speed refers to the hardware it was used on; early development hardware ran on 1/2 Speed but was quickly upgraded to 3/4 Speed.


  • This is the first working prototype Dolphin (GameCube) controller made by Nintendo.
  • It appeared on eBay in early 2018 and sold for around $1,500 usd.
  • It has an unused analog stick slot, its purpose is unknown.
  • It also has unused connector traces on the top left of the board.
  • ©1999 Nintendo DOLPHIN CONTROLLER TEST 01 is written on the top left of the board.