Emerald Blue GameCube Controller

  • Regions: JPN/ KOR
  • Standalone release
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Release dates:
    • JPN: December 5th 2002
    • KOR: December 14th 2002*
  • Retail Prices (standalone):
    • JPN: 2,500¥
    • KOR: ?
  • Black cable, length: 2m
  • Internals variations: T2 / T2 T / T3
  • Stamp variations: CE / CE•


Full body blue shell with matching plug and a white “Nintendo GameCube” logo. It was released in console bundles in Japan and as a standalone accessory in Japan and South Korea.


  • The Emerald Blue controller was bundled as a second controller in the Platinum “Pikmin 2” bundle.
  • Although its color closely resembles that of the teal GameCube dev. kit, it is actually a more vibrant blue. That means the Emerald Blue does not match any produced GameCube consoles.
  • *About the South Korean release date: The GameCube was released in South Korea on December 14th 2002, so I assume the standalone Emerald Blue was released on the same date.

Standalone Packaging

Official Artwork