Gradiente Indigo GameCube Controller

  • Regions: BRA
  • Console bundle
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Release date:
    • BRA: August 23rd 2002
  • Black cable, length: 2m
  • Internals variations: T1
  • Stamp variations: DOL-002 (BRA)


Full body Indigo shell with matching plug and a white “Nintendo GameCube” logo. It has a plastic sticker covering the stamp on the back of the controller that says “Nintendo GameCube Controller DOL-002 (BRA)” printed in white. It was released in console bundles in Brazil exclusively.


  • Nintendo had a partnership with Gradiente to release video game hardware into the Brazilian market, which led to the introduction of the GameCube in this area.
  • To circumvent distribution laws in Brazil, Gradiente took care of the assembly of most of the hardware, including the controllers. They use OEM internals, just like those from Mitsumi, but the trigger board and rumble cables were soldered on by Gradiente. See my blogpost about the Gradiente controllers for more info.
  • Each controller came with a unique matching plastic sticker covering the stamp on the back, with the model number DOL-002. This number is used for the power supply in all other regions. It also initially came with a serial number on a paper sticker.
  • This set came in two colors, Preto (Jet Black) and Azul (Indigo).
  • The GameCube was a complete flop in Brazil, mainly due to the PlayStation 2 being a way more popular choice and its high price of R$ 1.199, later reduced to R$ 899. (Source)
  • 20,000 sets were initially produced, and it is unlikely that more were made. Due to low sales and Brazil’s relatively remote location, those sets are extremely rare. (Source)
  • A standalone GameCube controller was found on an online store from 2004 with a price of R$ 169.90, but it is unlikely that the sticker variant was released outside of bundles. (Source)
The front of a Gradiente Indigo, identical to a standard Indigo.
Indigo solid plastic sticker with white lettering.
The elusive paper sticker with the serial number on the back of a Jet Black controller. Gradiente Entertainment CGC008016A2H

Official Artwork