NXTV GameCube Controller

  • Regions: Orlando, US
  • Release date unknown or never released.
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Modified OEM Jet Black controller with a USB cable.
  • Internals variations: T2 / T3
  • Stamp variations: CE / CE•


Full body black shell with a white “Nintendo GameCube” logo. It features a swapped USB cable with the NXTV branding.


  • It is actually unknown if those controllers were ever put to use, as there is no known source advertising a deal with Nintendo.
  • They were found in a storage unit in Orlando, Florida, and the lots were dumped on eBay to be sold as brand new parts.
  • All the controllers were Jet Black T2 and T3 variants.
  • I tried to make one of the NXTV work on pc, but it sends random inputs and is unresponsive.
  • Since they were widely bought to be gutted for parts, it might become extremely rare in the future.