WaveBird Club Nintendo GameCube Controller

  • Regions: JPN
  • Club Nintendo reward program standalone release
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Release date:
    • JPN: Early October 2005
  • Club Nintendo Price:
    • JPN: 900P
  • Grey receiver
  • Internals variations: T2
  • Stamp variations: Blank


White top shell and sky blue bottom shell, with a grey receiver and a red “Club Nintendo” logo. It was released as a standalone accessory through the Club Nintendo reward program in Japan.


  • This controller is themed around the Club Nintendo reward program.
  • This controller was redeemable through the Club Nintendo reward program in Japan with 900P, roughly the price of 18 games.
  • The precise date for its release is still unknown, but was never revealed by Nintendo.
  • The Club Nintendo WaveBird uses a grey receiver, no receivers were made to match this controller.

Standalone Packaging

Official Artwork