White GameCube Controller

  • Regions: JPN
  • Standalone release
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Release date:
    • JPN: April 22nd 2008
  • Retail Price (standalone):
    • JPN: 2,000¥
  • White cable, length: 3m
  • Internals variations: T3
  • Stamp variations: CE• / Trash Can


Full body white shell with matching plug and a grey “Nintendo GameCube” logo. It was released as a standalone accessory in Japan.


  • The White controller was released in 2008 as an accessory for the Wii, after the production of the GameCube had ended.
  • Unlike all the previous releases, the cable has a white rubber sheath instead of black and is 3 meters in length instead of 2 meters.
  • To avoid an optical illusion that would make the buttons look darker, the White controller is fitted with a lighter set of X, Y, Start, D-pad, main stick and shoulder buttons.

Standalone Packaging

Official Artwork