The Club Nintendo Controllers (2/2)

You can read part one here: The Club Nintendo Controllers (1/2)

Alright, we covered the Club Nintendo, Mario and Luigi GameCube controllers in the last post, but after the October 2004 N.O.M. (Nintendo Online Magazine) issue, three more were to be released; Gundam Char WaveBird, Club Nintendo WaveBird and Wario. Let’s dive into it!

The next in line was the Gundam Char WaveBird, as a followup on the partnership between Nintendo and Bandai that birthed the Char Customized Box, which featured a custom red GameCube and wired controller. This special WaveBird was released as a promotion for the game Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Z Gundam. To receive this controller, you had to first enter the code that came with your copy of the game between December 9th 2004 and January 31st 2005, then you were automatically entered into a draw for one of 1000 Gundam Char WaveBird. The prizes were expected to be delivered in February 2005.

This is the only WaveBird controller to have a different colored receiver, which is copper red instead of grey.

There was a rumour on Wikipedia that you had to redeem 1000 of your Club Nintendo points to purchase this controller, but it’s false. Here’s the original promotion, specifying it’s a lottery prize:

Then, we had to wait almost a year for the last two controllers to be released. And because their announcement came very late into the GameCube’s life, and the Nintendo DS got announced around the same time, there are very few sources.

The best one I could find is this one from Insider Games, which states that they were both set to be released in early October 2005. No specific dates were given, but they cited their source, which is a direct announcement page from Nintendo (The cover picture for this article) with a bunch of other prizes to be released around the same time. This page was later updated in October, which can be seen on the Wayback Machine and states that the Club Nintendo WaveBird has been released, and that the Wario controller’s release date was pushed back to early November.

Early November it says, on the top right.

Sadly, the sources for those last two end here, I’ll probably never find the exact release dates for them, unless I get the word directly from Nintendo. However, those official sources gave me the chance to correct a lot of misconceptions I had about the late Club Nintendo controllers, which I can now share with you.

Controller VariantClub Nintendo Release DateClub Nintendo Price
Club NintendoDecember 9th 2003500 points
MarioJuly 20th 2004500 points
LuigiAugust 24th 2004500 points
Gundam Char WaveBirdDecember 9th 2004 to
January 31st 2005
Lottery prize
Club Nintendo WaveBirdEarly October 2005900 points
WarioEarly November 2005500 points

While we never got any of those GameCube controllers through the US Club Nintendo, Europe had the chance to see both the Mario controller and the standard Grey WaveBird be offered through their Nintendo VIP 24:7 service. If you’re curious, here’s a previous blog post I wrote about it: The Nintendo VIP 24:7 Controllers

Once again, thanks to Shairn for helping me with the sources and the translations!

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