Platinum GCC Hybrids, Quick Update

That’s a funky one; a few days after posting the previous blog about those weird Platinum hybrid shells, a friend found a standard platinum controller, but with a darker logo.

The controller is a standard T3, regular grey shell with the pretty silver paint sprayed on top of it. However, the logo stamped on the front is noticeably darker, actually very similar to the shade of grey used on the JP White’s “Nintendo GameCube” logo.

This is most likely a factory error, but it’s a bit weird as this logo color was only used for the JP White’s production from 2008 onwards, a few years after the GameCube was replaced by the Wii. However, as we’ve seen from my previous blog post, the Platinum variant was still available to buy long after it was “discountinued”. I’m thinking this is part of the shenanigans that gave us the hybrid shells, maybe they forgot to change the ink from the white shells’ production?

Thanks to Heartfelt for sending me the news. If you like custom controller stuff (painted and cast shells), give him a visit!

Standard Platinum on top, our subject in the middle and a standard JP White at the bottom.

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